Sai-tech Engineers About Us

A Few Words About Us

Sai-Tech (STE) is a manufacturing organization that has been operating since 1996 and works with a host of MNCs in the chemical and process industries. It is supported by Paresh Engineers Ind that works for the metal fabrication requirements of Multinational companies the world over. We are a group of privately held organizations with a family centric approach.

Situated in Virar near Mumbai STE is conveniently located close to world class logistics companies and financial and trade capital of India which allows us to maintain a solid supply chain and reach you in any part of the world with ease. The international airport is a mere 35 Km away while the shipping hubs are 50 Km from our factory. So no matter where your business is we will reach you.

No matter what your business is you require reliable manufacturing partners to help build your dreams. We are a quality centric business with a strong focus of Customer Satisfaction. We modify our products as per your requirement and bring you the latest in manufacturing technology.

As of now our focus areas are :

  • Electronics : Battery Chargers and power conditioning equipment ( more details in Products section)

  • Metal Fabrication : We work with Stainless steel , Carbon Steel and Mild Steel to fabricate equipment and products as per customer needs. (more details in Products section)

  • Ejectors : We are proud manufacturers of MSEL/CSEL Ejectors for the Water Treatment and process Industry. (more details in Products section)

  • LaunchPad Division : The launchpad division of STE has a goal of launching new and innovative products into the Indian market and growing alternate revenue streams. (more details in Products section)

Our Advantages



Over 2 decades of manufacturing experience.



Responsive product support mechanism.



One year full replacement warranty on all our products.



Wide product range to suit a wide spectrum of Industrial Applications.