Sai-tech Engineers Services


Battery Chargers and power conditioning equipment

Battery Charging and power management are one of the key areas for operation for many systems within the industry. Be it Oil and Gas, Transportation or defence- All the industries bank on our reliable products to maintain their system performance. Industries such as Bombardier transportation have shown their faith in us. What are you waiting for ?


Metal Fabrication

We work with Stainless steel , Carbon Steel and Mild Steel to fabricate equipment and products as per customer needs.

"A designer may make a thousand designs but he needs an able fabricator to bring those designs into reality"With our sister concern M/s Paresh Engineers Industries we have fabricated and built thousands of such designs since 1992. Vessels, Tanks, Piping Packages, Allied fabrication in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or any metal of your choice.



We are proud manufacturers of MSEL/CSEL Ejectors for the Water Treatment and process Industry.

"Our Ejectors are appreciated due to their rugged construction, zero maintenance and our top of the line customer care. "At Sai-Tech the CEO is involved in every process from production of these ejectors to the shipping of the product so that you can be assured of a product that will continue to serve you for life.


LaunchPad Division

The launchpad division of STE has a goal of launching new and innovative products into the Indian market and growing alternate revenue streams.

Created in early 2016 it has one new product idea under its portfolio currently that it plans to launch into the market in 2017 in partnership with a major MNC Electric brand in India from all the communication. Launchpad is on lookout for opportunities in fields other than chemical or process industry where there is scope for innovation and growth.


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