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Thyristorised Battery Charger

  • STE thyristor controlled rectifiers use advanced digital control technology with user- friendly operation, flexible interfaces with state of art control features, options of touch screen and text display, 6/12 pulse thyristor bridge, a mains isolation transformer, standard alarms and meters etc. As they have an advance DC regulator for all the rating, there is no dropping diode for online charge boosting Rating From 5A up-to 3000A (24, 48, 110, 220, 360) VDC system.

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    Line Interactive UPS

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Wide input range with 6 step AVR
  • 5 stage charger system that ensures faster charging and lower battery heating
  • Phase synchronized transfer
  • Ultra fast transfer routine
  • Zero current relay switching for better relay life
  • Zero battery drain in off mode
  • Auto recharge and night guard on mains recovery
  • Fully programmable all set points, and parameters can be programmed by you
  • Computer communication enabled, real time data transfer to a host computer through RS232 (optional)
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    Substation Battery Charger/Tripping Unit

  • Substation Batter Chargers are widely used in various industries and educational Institutes. The output voltage produced by our DC power supply ranges from 0 to 1000 V and output current ranges from 0 to 100 Amp. Our power supply is provided with Digital Panel Meters for voltage and current. Additionally, equipped with power supply overload and short circuit protection.

  • Features :
    • Short circuit protection
    • Power supply overload
    • Low on maintenance

  • Functions :
    • SAITECH Fcbc/Industrial/Substation are designed to supply continuous power to the DC load and simultaneously charge the batteries connected
    • Input supply form 415 V. AC 3 Phase or 220 V. AC 1 Ph. is converted to regulated DC
    • The charger has two independent systems
    • Normally the DC power is supplied to the load by the Float Charger
    • It also supplies trickle current to the battery to keep it healthy
    • If the charging current under Float Mode exceeds a set level, Boost charger is switched ON
    • It supplies Quick charging current to the battery
    • On battery reaching the set value, the Boost Charger is switched OFF
    • Optional Features like Voltage and current variable

  • Applications :
    • Float/ Boost chargers are must in Power Substations, Generating Stations, Telephone Exchanges etc. for control / monitoring systems, tripping circuits and suppyling DC power source

  • Specifications :
    • Aux: 415V. AC ( 3 Phase) / 240 V (1 Phase) +/- 20 %/ +/- 10%, 50 Hz. +/- 3 Hz
    • Output: 30 V, 48 V, 110 V and 220 V. DC supply
    • Battery Type: Lead Acid / SMF
    • Indications: Indication for Mains supply, Float Charging, Boost Charging, AC Volt meter optional, DC Volt meter, DC Fail, AC Fail alarm, DC Amps meter for load optional, DC Amps meter for Charging
    • Protection: Circuit Breaker for Mains incoming supply, Circuit Breaker for out put load, Over load Protection, AC short circuit protection, Battery reverse Polarity, Low & high voltage Protection
    • Housing and enclosure: Heavy duty Sheet Steel Enclosure, Finished with Powder Coated paint
    • Mounting: Floor mounting
    • Operation: Auto/Manual
    • Control: CC/ CV close loop
    • Rectifier: Full wave half controlled bridge
    • Optional: Fuse protection for each rectifier element, Fuse failure relay, DC Earth Fault Relay, Alarm Annunciation, Dual Float Charger option, Any other as per requirement

  • Sample datasheet of substation charger unit 48V click here
  • Sample datasheet of substation charger unit 30V click here

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    Chargers for Railway/ Metro Compartments

  • Pioneers of Metro Worldwide trust SAITECH for their battery charging requirements. Our compact chargers replace the bulky designs of the past to provide smooth trouble free operation. Specifications of the exisiting unit used by our customers in the locomotive sector are as under:
    • Input : 415 V 50Hz
    • Output: 110V 50 A
    • Type: Two Stage Thyristorised Battery Charging Unit

  • For full sample specs of Metro-Railway Battery Charger click here

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    SMPS Battery Chargers

    • Universal / wide input range (85 – 270V OR 170 – 270V rms, 50/60Hz, single phase).
    • Excellent line & load regulation.
    • Low ripple & noise.
    • Over voltage / overload / short circuit protected.
    • Battery reverse polarity protection.
    • CVCC, 2 – step battery charging.
    • Option available for analog / digital meters.
    • Rugged design & Engineers for continuous use.

  • For full sample specs of our SMPS Charger Unit click here